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Ultra Dry Eye TG now includes Omega-7 - proven to reduce inflammation as measured by C-Reactive Protein and improve dry eye.

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The Best Dry Eye Compress Available!

Moist Therapeutic Heat for Over 10 Minutes. Now with Machine-Washable Cover, extends the life of your compress for years!

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Start Relieving Your Patient's

Dry Eye Today! 

'Over 80% of Dry Eye Patients using the Dry Eye Starter Kit were asymptomatic in 30 days' 

   -Will Smith, OD, Dry Eye Protocol Pilot Study, 2015

“The patient was thrilled with her improvement as measured by the decrease in OSDI of 23 points in just 30 days”
— Clifford Silverman, OD, Diplomate Board of Optometry

 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Dry Eye Starter Kit: Convenient for you and your patients! 

70% of Dry Eye Symptoms Suffer from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction -

Enjoy this video of Dr. Smith expressing meibomian glands with the Flexx Precision 2mm MG Expressor.

Relieve Your Patients MG Dysfunction

in-office in 10 minutes!

Relieve Your Patient's

Dry Eyes Today! 

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