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Want to relieve your patient's Dry Eye?

But don't want to stock products in office?

No Problem.  



Delight your dry eye patients and build a substantial recurring

revenue stream from all your referred patients' purchases!

Step 1. Print out and complete the Physician Registration form here

Step 2. Fax the completed form to us at 1-888-809-6424 and we'll send you:  a PIN#, samples, and Prescription Coupons (below) to help you and your patients get started! 

Step 3. Prescribe OcuSci products to your patients, they'll visit the Patient Store to order (free shipping, best prices) and you'll be supporting your Dry Eye Practice by earning a counseling fee on every purchase. 

'Over 80% of Dry Eye Patients using the Dry Eye Starter Kit were asymptomatic in 30 days' 

   -Will Smith, OD, Dry Eye Protocol Pilot Study, 2015

 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Dry Eye Starter Kit: Convenient for you and your patients! 

“The patient was thrilled with her improvement as measured by the decrease in OSDI of 23 points in just 30 days”
— Clifford Silverman, OD, Diplomate Board of Optometry

Ultra Dry Eye TG utilizes the most potent Omega-3 available in the natural triglyceride (TG) form to conveniently and effectively treat dry eye.  Relief is usually felt in as little as 3 weeks.  

View the Dry Eye Kit Brochure