New Published Study: '45% of Dry Eye Patients using the Dry Eye Protocol were asymptomatic in 30 days' 

   -Will Smith, OD

Improve your dry eye symptoms in 30 days - guaranteed!

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 Dry Eye Protocol - Clinically proven to improve dry eye symptoms in just 30 days. No Drugs - No Side Affects!


Unique Omega-3, Vitamin D, Lutein formulas for Dry Eye and eye health.

Sourced in Alaska - Made in the USA

Ultra Dry Eye TG now includes Omega-7 - proven to reduce inflammation as measured by C-Reactive Protein and improve dry eye.

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Start Relieving Your Patient's

Dry Eye Today! 

Dry Eye Compresses - Improve Meibomian Glands in Minutes!

Moist Therapeutic Heat for Over 10 Minutes.   Now with Machine-Washable Cover, extends the life of your compress for years!

The ONLY dry eye compress that:

  • comes with a Machine-Washable cover!
  • delivers moist, therapeutic heat for over 10 minutes - competitor compresses don't hold moisture at all!
  • up to 50% more volume to deliver comfortable, lasting heat and moisture.
  • Put your LOGO on the compress - the best reminder to your patients
  • All NEW e-Dry Eye Compress, plugs into your computer for convenient therapeutic heat.

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Relieve Your Patient's

Dry Eyes Today! 

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