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 An Optometrist Develops Dry Eye

Caroline Guerrero Cauchi ,  OD, FIAO    La Mesa, CA

Caroline Guerrero CauchiOD, FIAO

La Mesa, CA

Approximately 5 years ago I began developing dry eyes.  I could no longer wear any brand of contact lens comfortably.  I also had to blink every 4 seconds as my eyes would burn and my vision would blur.  People starting commenting on my blinking, I am sure it was distracting to my patients. 

How Many Capsules Do I Have to Take?

I knew about the benefits of omega-3 and placed myself on 1 teaspoon of a concentrated liquid omega-3 per day.  I chose this liquid form because in order to get the same amount of DHA + EPA I would have needed to take 6+ capsules of the most concentrated omega-3 I could find.  The idea of swallowing this much gelatin makes me nervous and it is inconvenient.

Daily “Goosebumps”

The liquid omega-3 is a bit nasty tasting and swallowing that much oil is difficult.  But I put up with the taste even though it gave me the “goosebumps”, because it was "one shot".  Within 2 months, I could wear my contacts again and my blink rate was back to normal.

A Better Solution?

Take just 3 softgels a day vs. a handful of fish oil pills.

Take just 3 softgels a day vs. a handful of fish oil pills.

Ultra Dry Eye TG brand of omega-3 from OcuScience inc.  It is much more concentrated than any omega-3 I’ve seen including the big national brands that advertise to optometrists.  Given this superior concentration, I wondered if I could discontinue the liquid and take just 3 Ultra Dry Eye TG softgels per day to get the same effect. 

 Convenient and Effective

The answer is, "yes" the spoonful of liquid omega-3, is easily replaced by 3 Ultra Dry Eye TG softgels.  I am still completely comfortable and don't have to worry about washing a stinky fish oil spoon or gulping 6 or more capsules every day.  The individually blister packed softgels are nice because when I travel I don't have to worry about my softgels sticking together in the baggie or leaking. I am a raving fan and I also now offer Ultra Dry Eye TG to my patients.

Contributed by: Caroline Guerrero Cauchi, OD, FIAO, La Mesa, CA

One-Year Follow Up and a Lesson for a Cardiologist

Dr. R. Anthony Hutchinson, OD  Pacific View Eye Center, Encinitas, CA

Dr. R. Anthony Hutchinson, OD

Pacific View Eye Center, Encinitas, CA

Initial Presentation

This 66 year old female patient’s chief complaint was blurred and variable vision both at distance and while reading.  Refraction showed there was no significant change in prescription.  Slit lamp examination showed meibomian gland dysfunction and a tear break-up time of two to three seconds.

Treatment Plan

The first component of my dry eye/meibomian gland dysfunction treatment plan is always to put the patient on omega-3 fish oil.  I prefer Ultra Dry Eye TG omega-3 fish oil for several reasons.  First, it is tri-glyceride based fish oil which means all of the EPA and DHA is absorbed by the body.  Next it is the most concentrated fish oil available so a therapeutic dosage can be had with only three capsules.  It is also extremely pure fish oil so patients do not have to suffer with fish burps as happens so often with other brands of fish oil.  I also put the patient on lid hygiene consisting of warm compresses, lid massage and gentle lid cleansing.


After 2 weeks, the patient was experiencing noticeable improvement in her vision. After another month, her meibomian glands were functioning normally and her tear break-up time was close to normal.  She was no longer experiencing any blurred vision.  She was doing the lid hygiene only in the shower but continued to take 3 capsules daily of Ultra Dry Eye TG.  One year later, and she is only taking the omega-3 fish oil to maintain normal meibomian gland function and is free of any dry eye symptoms.

A Lesson for a Cardiologist

One of the general medical conditions this patient is being treated for is high blood pressure.  Her son happens to also be her cardiologist.  He was glad to learn that she was taking fish oil as omega-3 has been seen to lower blood pressure.  However; he commented to her that he has trouble getting any of his patients to take fish oil because of the fish burp after-effects.  She enjoyed being able to inform her cardiologist son that there is fish oil available that does not have the fish burp side effect, namely Ultra Dry Eye TG.

Contributed by: R. Anthony Hutchinson, OD, Encinitas, CA

Mature Practice Adds Supplements To Enhance Patient Care

I have a long established practice with a mature patient base.  I have long been recommending nutritional supplements for those patients who had conditions that warranted it.  I would hand out a few free pills provided by the large manufacturers or tell patients to take ‘fish oil’. 

Dr. Christensen Head shot.JPG

Elizabeth Christensen OD

Rancho Santa Fe Vision

“Take Fish Oil” vs. Offering High Quality Supplements

Due to the huge variation of quality and potency of fish oils on the market I was always concerned that I never really knew what my patients were taking and the feedback was often, “I couldn’t find what you recommended, or I’m taking a different brand is that okay?”  After evaluating the brands available I decided to offerUltra Dry Eye TG and Ultra Macular from OcuScience Inc. in my office.  I was impressed with their evidence based formulations, quality ingredients and the fact that their omega-3 fish oil is independently tested and certified free of contaminants by batch.  This means I can recommend it with complete confidence.

Integrating Eye Health Supplements into My Practice

 In my practice I take a moment to tell patients why they need a particular supplement and I go over the specific ingredients with the educational materials provided by OcuScience.  I then let the patients know that they can purchase the products through our office.  Most are relieved that they don’t have to shop around and they know that they are getting exactly what I recommend.  We also let patients know that my staff and I are taking the same products that we sell in the office.

Additional Level of Service = Happier Patients

The reaction to offering supplements in the office has been very positive and my staff and I look at it as providing an additional level of service to our patients.  My patients especially like the Autoship Program which offers the convenience of picking up the first month supply while they are in the office and having the additional supply sent by mail.  The patients appreciate the free shipping and it means I don’t have to keep a lot of inventory in the office.   I highly recommend adding OcuScience supplements to your practice because of the quality of the products, the ease of doing business with them and the benefits gained from offering additional services and products to your existing patient base.

Contributed by: Elizabeth Christensen, O.D., FCOVD,

Rancho Santa Fe Vision, Rancho Santa Fe, CA