Mature Practice Adds Supplements To Enhance Patient Care

I have a long established practice with a mature patient base.  I have long been recommending nutritional supplements for those patients who had conditions that warranted it.  I would hand out a few free pills provided by the large manufacturers or tell patients to take ‘fish oil’. 

Elizabeth Christensen OD  Rancho Santa Fe Vision

Elizabeth Christensen OD

Rancho Santa Fe Vision

“Take Fish Oil” vs. Offering High Quality Supplements

Due to the huge variation of quality and potency of fish oils on the market I was always concerned that I never really knew what my patients were taking and the feedback was often, “I couldn’t find what you recommended, or I’m taking a different brand is that okay?”  After evaluating the brands available I decided to offer Ultra Dry Eye TG and Ultra Macular from OcuScience Inc. in my office.  I was impressed with their evidence based formulations, quality ingredients and the fact that their omega-3 fish oil is independently tested and certified free of contaminants by batch.  This means I can recommend it with complete confidence.

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Integrating Eye Health Supplements into My Practice

 In my practice I take a moment to tell patients why they need a particular supplement and I go over the specific ingredients with the educational materials provided by OcuScience.  I then let the patients know that they can purchase the products through our office.  Most are relieved that they don’t have to shop around and they know that they are getting exactly what I recommend.  We also let patients know that my staff and I are taking the same products that we sell in the office.

Additional Level of Service = Happier Patients

The reaction to offering supplements in the office has been very positive and my staff and I look at it as providing an additional level of service to our patients.  My patients especially like the Autoship Program which offers the convenience of picking up the first month supply while they are in the office and having the additional supply sent by mail.  The patients appreciate the free shipping and it means I don’t have to keep a lot of inventory in the office.   I highly recommend adding OcuScience supplements to your practice because of the quality of the products, the ease of doing business with them and the benefits gained from offering additional services and products to your existing patient base.

Contributed by: Elizabeth Christensen, O.D., FCOVD,

Rancho Santa Fe Vision, Rancho Santa Fe, CA